Kingdom New Lands Ios Android Download

Kingdom New Lands Ios Android Download

Hey, everyone! This time I will text about something different – Kingdom New Lands Ios and Android Download full version. I have played KNL on PC and it was really cool, so I decided to upload full version of Kingdom New Lands on Ios and android platform.

Kingdom New Lands Ios download, Kingdom New Lands android download

How to download Kingdom New Lands ios android (2 versions available)?

Step 1 Click orange download link from below

Step 2 Select one of the offer

Step 3 Fill out the offer (under 1 minute)

Step 4 Downloading is starting

LAST ONE  Enjoin free game – it’s all



” Named by the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Design. Stories spread of far away isles with puzzles holding up to be found. Rulers will require all the quality of their subjects to cruise away and find new kingdoms in these New Lands.


Kingdom: New Lands expands upon the honor winning gameplay and riddle of Kingdom by presenting a wealth of new substance to the IGF-selected title while keeping up the effortlessness and profundity that armies of rulers have come to understanding and appreciate. Go to the New Lands and welcome the downpour of new mounts, vendors, and vagrants that call these isles home, yet be careful about the new impediments that undermine your entry – for not only the voracious animals hinder your direction but rather even the earth itself can crush you. Be overcome, ruler, and battle in any case, keeping in mind that these New Lands vanquish you.


Kingdom: New Lands highlights:

  • One ruler, their stallion, and a sack of coins
  • Greedy animals attempting to take your coins and crown each night (stop them!)
  • Loyal subjects who will help assemble, assault, and guard your Kingdom
  • Multiple overhauls for your estate, distinctive unit sorts to assault and shield, and insider facts littered all through the land
  • Beautiful soundtrack that has gotten two fair specifies from the Independent Games Festival”

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